Knowledges We Intuit as Radical Survivors of Violence

Here is my 5-minute response to a free-writing exercise created by Kyoungwon Lee for her Healing Justice Track workshop “Knowledges We Intuit: An Experimental Writing Group for Radical Survivors of Violence” presented at INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence (COV4) Color of Violence 4 Conference (March 2015, Chicago, IL).

Writing Prompt: What’s your intuition’s relationship to “criminality”? How does your intuition scramble, feel, coagulate, burst, eat the idea of “criminality”? What images or words come to mind when you meditate on the relationship? Is there a song or melody that could accompany your piece? 


I intuit that we’re all criminals

I am a criminal, so are you, you, and you

Innocence denied

No purity, no innocence exists in this barren land

of us vs. them, good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, the dead vs. the living, free vs. the unfree

Nature doesn’t embrace the binary

I am beyond good and evil

I embrace the deviant body

bursting out of criminal, landlocked barriers of barbed wire fences

It’s the only way to imagine freedom

to embrace the shit, eat the shit, spit out the shit

and laugh loudly at having survived in the belly of the beast

Convicted of multiple crimes

Deviance, trespass, desire, pleasure, resistance

Prison cells are no match

for what I and we can intuit

in our bodies and imagine collectively

What is incommensurable

cannot be named


cannot be spoken, only felt

heavy as heart ache

light as release.

Melody: Desert at night in the borderlands, la frontera.

Unmoored. Infinite. Unassailable. Expansive.

Lena Palacios, March 27 at approximately 3 p.m.

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